Welcome to SIGNOS!

Combining decades of experience and a huge network of competence makes us a valued partner for SMEs.

SIGNOS is the umbrella brand of the accounting firms SINGHOFEN & GERGEN Partnerschafts-, Wirtschaftsprüfungs-, Steuerberatungsgesellschaft and Nordische Revisions- und Treuhandgesellschaft mbH.

The companies of the group have been on the market since the 1950s while working independently. Today, they bundle their network and their decades of experience and expertise. Two senior partners are active with a total of 20 highly skilled employees are taking care of providing up-market advice and services to the clients.

As an auditing and tax consulting company, we cover the interfaces between accounting, business audit/consultancy, legal and tax advice. We work interdisciplinary and are available to our clients as generalists in the challenges associated with management – especially for small and medium sized businesses in the North.

Our key factors to success:

Our national and international network of competence comprises our own members in Northern Germany as well as recognized specialists, with whom we exchange ideas regularly. By working on joint projects, our clients benefit from the experience and expertise of many different heads in personalized teams.
Good solutions require a high level of expertise, creative dialogue and the holistic view of the individual – whether as a person or a company. The care of each client is a top priority, the respective team is put together for a long-term and sustainable cooperation. Only thus we achieve the best results via the shortest routes.
For over 50 years we have worked on this principle of sustainability thinking not only about tomorrow, but also of the future. This creates security, serenity and a motivated perspective into the future – creating benefits not only for our clients but also for our own colleagues and employees.
We develop efficient solutions to the complex challenges of the small and medium sized businesses, like economic changes, tax requirements, or a change in the accounting rules. With the holistic view of all competencies of business consulting, we represent an ideal sparring partner and service provider for our company.

Key factors for cooperation:

A successful cooperation is only possible if you can trust one another. This includes in particular the service of long-term teams, who are well acquainted with the challenges of our clients. The exchange in our network and the open dialog promise reliable and well-thought-out solutions that enrich our joint cooperation.
Economic success comes with performance. And performance is created by satisfied, motivated partners and employees, but also by the clients. Therefore, for ourselves and our clients, achieving ambitious goals as well as a respectful human interaction are the most important criteria for successful cooperation.
We attach great importance to fairness and a respectful and honest dealing also with divergent interests. Compromise instead of conflict makes us stand out – this includes also the indispensable compliance with the moral and ethical requirements of our profession.